Pubdate: Thu, 12 Feb 1998
Source: See Magazine (CN AB)
Copyright: 1998 SEE Magazine
Author: Rev. Brother Dr. Kevin Sisk


Editor, SEE:

Regarding the Man Bites Dog article Epileptic will use reefer defence (SEE, 
Jan. 29 - Feb. 4): did you know that at last count there were six "the 
Pope"s in the Edmonton Grove of the Church of the Reformed? There is no 
Reformed Druids Church. There is the Edmonton Grove of the Church of the 
Reformed Druids (ChoRD). We are incorporated under the Religious Society 
Land Act. I have spoken with our "The Pope" Ken Kirk and he assures me his 
title is "The Pope" so when SEE suggested he was the "Alberta Pope" it was 
in error. Please correct this error and the mistaken belief that there is a 
Reformed Druids Church.

There is also one "The Pope" in the China Grove of the Church of Reformed 
Druids. It is against the law to have a church in China. The China Grove of 
the Church of Reformed Druids is a criminal organization because one is not 
allowed to have a church that is not under the direct control of the state 
in China.

The Edmonton Grove of the Church of the Reformed Druids promotes growing 
and usage of cannabis for religious purposes.

As I understand it, growing cannabis may be an indictable offence and the 
punishment may be more than five years. Many of the Reformed Druids grow 
cannabis. The Church promotes to our members that they should grow and hold 
the Sukha service or that other Druid service that involves the use of 
cannabis. Our membership card is a grow permit.

The Church feels that this 'medical use' business is a ploy by a federal 
government that wishes to continue its dominion over plants. Plant 
preference is a religious issue, not a medical one. I am not a medical 
doctor, however I have been given to understand cannabis has medical usages.

Peyote is permitted the natives for their religious services. No permit 
required! Peyote can kill you! Cannabis cannot. Render unto the Church that 
which God has given us. The state got the gold. The ChoRD says plant 
preference is a natural consequence of human dignity and religious freedom! 
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is supposed to protect religious freedom 
and the Alberta Human Rights Commission is supposed to be our protector.

It ain't happening, brother.

Rev. Brother Dr. Kevin Sisk

Grand Druid O.H.O., Ph.D., D.D.