Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Contact:  Mon, 14 Dec 1998
Page: 3


SYDNEY City Council tonight is set to support a legal heroin trial for
long-term addicts - an idea which was rejected only last year by the
Federal Government.

An expert advisory committee set up by the Council of Capital City Lord
Mayors, which includes Lord Mayor Frank Sartor, has produced a draft drugs

The draft statement, which has the backing of Mr Sartor, said the
"medically controlled prescription of drugs to long-term drug users should
be explored without prejudice".

This should happen "in view of the increasing number of drug overdose
deaths and of its potential to reduce the harm associated with drug use, as
seen in the context of the Swiss trial".

"An Australian trial, within a scientific framework should be made
possible," the statement said.

Mr Sartor tonight will seek support from the its other city councillors.

A proposed heroin trial in the ACT was rejected by the Federal Government
last year. The Government refused to allow synthetic heroin to be imported
from England.

The statement said the growth, possession or consumption of small
quantities of marijuana for personal use should not incur a prison sentence.

Any legal heroin trials in Sydney would need the support of the State and
Federal Governments.

Already the controversial statement has been supported by Melbourne and
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