Pubdate: 3 Dec 1997
Source: The Salisbury News and Advertiser
Author: Robert Ryan 
Source: The Salisbury News and Advertiser Contact : 307 E. Market St.
Salisbury, Md 21801
Note: Our newshawk writes: This is the second time this letter has been
printed. The first (Daily Times 10/5/97) was forwarded to Mr. McCaffrey
with a cover letter asking him to do what is right for America by
denouncing the drug war. No response was received from Mr. McCaffrey.


General Barry McCaffrey, President Clinton’s Drug Czar, recently called
parents on the carpet for their ambivalence in the War on Drugs. Their
ambivalence is with good reason. Our government through representatives,
such as Mr. McCaffrey and his friend Mr. Califano, former Secretary of
Health, Education, and Welfare, are not telling the truth and they know it.
For example they neglect to tell you that most of the 100,00 people who
seek treatment for marijuana are teens responding to a court order. 

I am a parent and I will no longer be ambivalent or quiet about the drug
war. As a parent of four, I am very concerned about my children health and
well being. The government in its misguided attempts to help has made this
whole situation worse. I will take care of my children. I do not want or
need any of the government's help. I am sure the parents of Ezquiel
Hernandez, who was killed by our own Marines instructed in zero tolerance,
does not want any more help from the government either. 

This is a social problem, sometimes a medical one. It is not a criminal
problem. Our government's method of "solving" the drug problem has not
worked, will never work and only manages to destroy millions of people
lives directly and indirectly. Let us as parents tell our elected officials
to stop this Drug War. This Drug War reminds me of a social Vietnam, with
our children as the victims of our government’s actions

The Drug War is a failure. Initiate the end of this war on our own people
starting with the repeal of marijuana prohibition laws. Acknowledge that
people need to be responsible for their actions and the resulting
consequences of their actions. Start an open and honest dialog on how to
best implement drug law reform. I as a parent do not support or condone
drug abuse, but what we are doing to our children is wrong.

Robert R. Ryan