Source: Contra Costa Times, July 15, 1997, Page A8
Contact: Exdrug users support needle exchange bill

SACRAMENTO  Former intravenous drug users who became infected
with the AIDs virus by using dirty needles came to the Capitol on Monday
to urge passage of a bill authorizing pilot needle exchange programs in
four California cities.

"I was an executive, making more than $1OO,OO0 a year, and I couldn't
find a clean needle," said Bryan Wilmoth, 35.

	His addiction to what he now calls the "terrible, terrible, evil" drug
crystal methamphetamine, or "speed," led to repeated use of dirty
needles, HIV' infection and ultimately, fullblown AIDS.

	Wilmoth and Tiger Greve, another former IVdrug user, appeared at a
Capitol news conference with AIDS researchers and a representative of the
California Medical Association.

	Greve said needle exchange programs would take dirty needles and
syringes from streets and playgrounds, where they endanger children.

	Bills to authorize needle exchange programs have been proposed and
defeated or vetoed repeatedly since 1992, with opponents arguing
distribution of hypodermic syringes would amount to condoning illegal
drug use.