Source:  The Herald, Everett, WA
Contact:  Date:    June 9, 1997

  This is in response to the **article in the May 30
Herald from Jackie Duboise ("Needle Exchange,
It saves lives") Point taken. But I don't believe
that my tax money should go toward supporting
drug users' habit. This tells the drug user it's OK if 
you use drugs. I'll just give you a clean new
needle each time. These people that use needles
for illegal drugs should already know that what
they are doing could kill them. If they can afford
to buy the illegal drugs, they should be able to
afford their own needles. Those people that use
needles for prescribed medications have 
needles given to them with their medication.

	S. Ann Metcalf

[** actually it was an LTE from an
addict who was helped by the
needle exchange program.]