Publication ] Date: June 2, 1997
Source: Waco TribuneHerald
Contact: Pot as medicine

Schedule I drugs are said to have no medical value.
Any use of a schedule I drug is considered abuse.

Schedule II drugs are available by prescription.
Angel Dust (PCP) is available by prescription.
Speed (methamphetamine) is available by prescription.
Cocaine is available by prescription.

Tobacco is sold over the counter.  Tobacco kills approximately
1,200 Americans everyday.  Where is the medical value of tobacco?
How does anyone use tobacco without abuse?  When was the last
time your doctor said, "Smoke two cigarettes and call me
in the morning?"

In light of prescription Angel Dust and overthecounter tobacco,
it's easy to understand the frustration of patients who are seeking
legal access to medicinal marijuana.

Medical marijuana patients are not implying that marijuana
be accepted as medicine merely because society is willing
to tolerate the use and abuse of other drugs.

Medical marijuana patients are simply asking for the
opportunity to demonstrate that marijuana is being used
safely and therapeutically as medicine when no other medicine
provides efficacy.    John F. Wilson,  Waco