Source: Waco TribuneHerald
Publication ] Date: May 13, 1997
email: Keep pot illegal  Judy Cook  Waco, Texas

This about my opposition to Proposition to 215 in California.  Simply put, Proposition
215 allows the use of marijuana for medical reasons. 

A similar measure, Prop 200, was passed in Arizona last fall. On election day,
Prop 215 scored a clean kill: 56 percent to 44.  

Marijuana is considered to be not particularly addictive.  It is somewhat of a 
soft spot in the war against drugs.

Because of the tolerance of most people to pot, the backers of Prop 215 added 
the idea of helping people in pain.

They have people like a 77yearold woman who regularly smokes pot to relieve
her symptoms of glaucoma.  They cite this even though current medical research
suggests that pot doesn't do anything for glaucoma.

For almost three decades the government has listed marijuana as a "Schedule I"
drug.  This designation is for substances with no medical value.  Barry McCaffrey,
the director of the Office of National Drug Control, says there is "no convincing
scientific evidence" that marijuana offers any benefits that can't be obtained 
by prescription medicine.

Groups like Partnership for a DrugFree America are disturbed by the fact that 
Prop 215 contains no age restrictions.  Considering that pot use among teeagers
is rising, it is scary to think they can get it legally by claiming to be sick.
These young people could find doctors to give them oral approval to go out and
buy marijuana.

It is time for leadership from the head man himself, Bill Clinton.  Should we
legalize pot or not?  I say no. All Americans must confront this issue now and
resolve it.   Judy Cook  Waco, Texas