Source:  Waco TribunHerald; Page 10A
Pubdate: May 4, 1997
email: San Marcos Voters Keep Marijuana Illegal
The Associated Press
SAN MARCOS, Texas  Voters handily rejected a ballot proposal that would
have supported the use of marijuana for medicinal puposes. 

The proposition failed Saturday by a vote of 1708 to 785.

"I'm not sure this sends any particular message other than that a small Central      
Texas munucipal government is not the place to begin or end this debate," said Mayor  
Billy Moore.  "It is a national issue.  It will come to some resolution, but not here
and not now."

The proposal would have made it a city policy to use discretion in enforcing 
antimarijuana laws for anyone using it to treat diseases like glaucoma, AIDS,
neuromuscular, or seizure disorders and nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Marijuana is believed to ease pain, curb nausea, stimulate appetite and help

The proposal wouldn't have made marijuana for medicinal purposes legal, it simply    
asks the police to exercise discretion.  It would not have superseded state and   
federal laws making marijuana illegal.

Medical marijuana initiatives have been approved recently in California and Arizona.