Pubdate: Wed, 05 Nov 1997
Source: San Francisco Examiner (CA)
Author: Chris Conrad

I agree with the editorial "Bad dope." It is bad science, bad law
enforcement and bad business to put police in charge of the
medical marijuana supply.

Law enforcement has demonstrated extreme bias and a lack of
compassion in this area, and their self-proclaimed mission to
"stop drugs" makes them uniquely unqualified for the task of
providing medicine to those in need.

While it makes sense to release seized cannabis to the state's
patients and caregivers, that should be done through companies
that market herbal foods and medicines. These businesses have an
excellent record of maintaining quality control to eliminate
contaminants, and could be educated to gauge the general quality
of cannabis buds. Add an inexpensive chemical test to identify
the heral cannabinoid content, and you're on the road to matching
patients with just the right herbal medicine for their conditions.

This approach would help patients, expand an existing industry
and re-lieve law enforcement of an inappropriate burden. The
private sector is better qualified, more easily held accountable
and more helpful than are government bureaucrats. After all,
business is the American way.

Chris Conrad, Director
Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
El Cerrito, CA