Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 1997
Source: Star, Grand Coulee (WA)
Author: Tom Hawkins

It is a sad fact that so many doctors in our state practice what is known as
"defensive medicine."

Often doctors and their patients know pain medication is needed for certain
conditions but the doctor is afraid to prescribe sufficient pain medication,
relying instead on potentially harmful anti-inflamatorys and
acetaminophen. This practice of "defensive medicine" comes from the
doctor's fear of DEA intervention whenever narcotic medications are
involved. The DEA is meant to protect us from foreign drug smugglers yet
they constantly interfere with doctor/patient relationships.

This year the voters of Washington state have the chance to stand up for the
rights of doctors and their patients. Initiative 685 gives doctors the right
to discuss and decide on the best medical care possible without interference
from the DEA.

Stand up for the rights of doctors and medical patients.

Help end the fearful practice of "defensive medicine" in our state.
Vote YES on Initiative 685.

Tom Hawkins
Grand Coulee, WA