Pubdate: Fri, 17 Oct 1997
Source: Skagit Valley Herald (WA)
Author: Eve Lentz

I strongly disagree with parts of the article in the Sept.24
Skagit Valley Herald titled "Lieutenant Governor: I-685 is just
too dangerous."

Lt. Gov. Brad Owen states that he would speak out against this
initiative "until they tie me down and gag me." Everyone I have
met who is for the medicalization (not legalization) of marijuana
and other Schedule I drugs, only wants the truth of drug
prohibition to "come out" to the public.  I'd like to ask: Who is
doing the tying and gagging? Who wants to keep the truth hidden?

Owen also stated that this initiative is "opening the floodgates
for drug abuse." The floodgates for drug abuse are already open
and have been open for too many years.  Let us close them with
prevention and treatment instead of punishment and prison. Owen
states that doctors shouldn't be writing laws.  Don't we trust
our very LIVES on our doctors' recommendations every day? Do YOU
trust our polititions with your life?

Which of the following would you want to have happen to a family
member, friend or stranger arrested for drug use:

Medical-facility treatment and education:

1. reasonable cost to taxpayer

2. respect to patient

3. empathy

4. positive attitudes and changes

5. trusting DOCTORS with their life

Prison-facility treatment and education:

1. high cost to taxpayer

2. punishment to prisoner

3. cruelty

4. negative attitudes and changes

5. trusting POLITICIANS and PRISON OFFICIALS with their life

Anyone against the initiative should schedule a visit to their
local prison and then to a drug treatment center. Also, find out
WHY politicians against the initiative don't want the truth to
"come out." Why is drug prohibition and the "WAR ON DRUGS" not working?

I would like to thank the staff writer, Jill Raben, for
contacting Dr. Rob Killian to get HIS side of the story for this
article.  Most other newspapers just printed Owen's statements!

Eve Lentz
Mount Vernon, WA