Pubdate: Sun, 28 Sep 1997
Source: Daily Olympian (WA)
Author: Ty Mon

In response to the article "Locke takes on pro-marijuana initiative",
appearing in the September 8th Olympian, I'd like to say:

GOV. LOCKE AND BRAD OWEN are part of the problem, not part of the solution,
and voters should remember that on election day.

Just because doctors will be able to prescribe schedule 1 drugs doesn't
mean they will. I would like to point out that doctors can prescribe
schedule 2 drugs right now which include meth, cocaine and opium.  Do you
know of anyone having a prescription for opium? for cocaine? for meth? I
certainly don't know of anyone.

Allowing doctors to  prescribe schedule 1 drugs is the only way they have
to  prescribe marijuana since the Supreme Court denied the rescheduling
of marijuana from schedule1 to schedule 2.

Although the Supreme Court didn't have anything against medical marijuana,
it was merely that they "refused to substitute our judgment for that of the
Legislature"; otherwise, it was not (their department) to reschedule.  The
Supreme Court also stated, "The debate over the proper classification of
marijuana belongs in the political arena."

It sickens me that Locke and Owen have to paint a picture of doctors
writing  prescriptions of Lsd and heroin in order to keep medical marijuana
away from patients.  Any doctor that would write a  prescription for Lsd
would quickly lose his license from the American Medical Association, even
if allowed under state law.  So arguments against I-685 are just a
smokesceen so prosecutors and the courts can keep milking the marijuana

Ty Mon