Pubdate: Thu, 05 Jun 1997
Source: Skagit Valley Herald (WA)
Author: James E. Gierach

Lt. Gov. Brad Owen seems to have gotten more wet during recent flooding
there than his feet. Anyone who yet believes that anti-drug war efforts
-- whether conducted by the DEA, ONDCP, the Justice Department, Customs,
local law enforcement or the National Guard -- are effective should not
be in public service.

The drug war and American drug policy have put drugs everywhere, and
conscription of the National Guard forces and more money for their
anti-drug games (playing narc agent) only further the interests of
the drug barons, who, interestingly, also support drug war and drug-war
maneuvers. Capone, like Abrego, like Fuentes, like Escobar, like
President Clinton, Sen. Dole, United We Stand Perot and Lt.
Gov. Owen -- all support drug war, soldiers and police in classrooms
(free advertising for the drug cartels), drug seizure nonsense for photo
ops and more money for the big anti-drug fight. Silliness.

If Lt. Gov. Owen is seriously against illicit drugs, then he should be
against the drug war and follow the time-honored Roman rule -- leave the
troops outside the gates of Rome (town) and the Guard out of
local law enforcement. Use the National Guard for constructive work --
flood control, firefighting and riot control, anticipating a growing
national awareness of the racially disparate impact of drug-war
prosecution and incarceration rates for minorities.

James E. Gierach
Oak Lawn, Ill.