Pubdate: Wed, 18 Jun 1997
Source: Burlington Free Press (VT)
Author: Robert Melamede Ph.D.

A Tale of Two Cities

During the past week juries have handed down guilty verdicts
concluding Federal trials in  Denver. and Burlington  A comparison of
the causes and the effects of these trials is important. The Denver
trial resulted from the mass murder of innocent citizens. The
defendant was found guilty on all counts. People throughout the
country,  particularly the victims, family members and friends in
Oklahoma city are satisfied if not happy with the verdict.

this situation with what occurred in Burlington. Respected and loved
Vermonters face long prison sentences for cannabis crimes. Where are
the victims? The dozens of people that I have spoken with indicate
that the victims are in jail. The additional victims are the family
and friends of these good people who bear the brunt of bad laws and
misguided prosecution. These laws will continue to be broken by
millions everyday. Hopefully, they will not remain silent in an effort
to escape the probing eyes of our guardians of behavioral purity.

Bob Melamede, PhD