Pubdate: [Tue, 01 Apr 1997]
Source: Kansas City Star (MO)
Author: Jason A. Potts

Please protect my child from the war on drugs. I am very afraid that my boy
will be exposed to drugs by unregulated drug dealers.  Today, dealers do
not need licenses to sell drugs, they don't even need to meet a minimum age
requirement, so as you can imagine, the very dealers that I am afraid of
are probably the same age as my son.

Zero tolerance has put the sale and distribution of some drugs into the
hands of minors to be sold to minors.

How can our leaders continue to support a policy that endangers children? I
hope that they can sleep at night after spewing rhetoric about how they are
saving children when, in fact, they are advocating a policy that puts our
youth in jeopardy. In truth, politicians are only using this subject as a
feel-good political boost.

The war on drugs is far more damaging than the drugs.

Jason Alexander Potts
Blue Springs