Pubdate: [Tue, 01 Apr 1997]
Source: Star Ledger (NJ)
Author: Mark Greer

Reader Brian Matula writes: "Some support the free distribution of needles
to drug addicts to prevent the spread of AIDS. Great! Let's expand that
principle and I give free ammunition to bank robbers, free switchblades to
gang members and discount beer to DWI offenders . . . AIDS or no AIDS, how do
you justify using tax money to subsidize drug peddlers and hopheads?"

It is just this type of reasoning that has caused us to be the world's
largest prison builder and trillions of dollars in debt. Let's not "waste"
$20,000 a year providing clean needles to these "hopheads." Let's wait until
they get AIDS so we can unload an average of $500,000 a person in public
assistance and medical aid.

Even the most hardened and self-serving among us should be able to see the
rationale in providing clean needles to drug users. We're not doing it to make
life pleasant for drug users. We're doing it because it's in our society's
best interest to do so.

Mark Greer
Porterville, Calif.