Pubdate: [Sat, 01 Mar 1997]
Source: Corpus Christi Caller Times (TX)
Author: Arthur R. Sobey

Dear Editor,

Before we start lobbing too many rocks in the direction of Mexico City,
Americans need to take stock of our own corruption problems related to
the prohibition of marijuana and the War on Drugs.

The CIA, DEA, INS, FBI and the police departments of every major city in
this country, and most smaller ones, have already been corrupted by drug
war money. The degree of corruption, slowly emerging, shocks most
Americans who have forgotten all the lessons associated with
prohibition, corruption, and crime.

Mexico is slowly being destroyed by American zero tolerance drug
prohibition policies. If well paid American police are susceptible to
the large amounts of money available in the black market that controls
and regulates illicit drugs in this country, their poorly paid Mexican
counterparts are sitting ducks.

Mexican policemen, often faced with the choice between a bullet and
accepting a bribe, usually choose to take the money. It's hard to blame

Arthur R Sobey