Pubdate: Sat, 15 Feb 1997
Source: Spokesman-Review, Spokane (WA)
Author: Mary Toulouse

Climate change is real.  Fossil fuel consumption releases carbon
dioxide, a classic greenhouse gas.  The atmosphere is retaining more energy.
Wild weather lots of broken records are already here, but we ain't seen
anything yet.

We have set it up and now we will have to try riding out disaster.

We could be using alternative fuel were it not for the power of Big
Oil.  The United States was the only industrialized nation not to sign the
pact for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. How will we explain this to our
kids when weather becomes one of our biggest killers? Maybe there will be a
few of them to ask questions.

Big Oil is also the major player in keeping hemp from the people.
Food, fuel, oil, paper, fiber, medicine - countless natural hemp products
would cut into profits of Big Oil's pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals,
synthetic fiber and motor fuel empire.

Marijuana is Big Oil's strongest ally. With the political influence oil
interests have purchased, they can perpetuate the myth that any relaxation
of marijuana laws would mean the end of civilization. It's going to cost
them more and more, but they've got enough money to keep cramming the
"marijuana is deadly, the root cause of all evil" spiel down the throat of
anyone who will listen.

If some of this seems far fetched, observe the fight over medical

Mary Toulouse
Spokane, WA