Pubdate: Tue, 28 Jan 1997
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Author: Bob Jacoby

Your Jan. 6 editorial erroneously claims "most Americans remain firmly
opposed to drug legalization." Who says? Where are your studies? Where
are your facts? I'd expect better from you.

Yes, most Americans including myself are firmly opposed to drug use.
That is clear. The medical marijuana issue has simply brought forward
the drug issue to the political forefront. If you want to enlighten the
public, why not address the real issue: Is our current policy working?
Most Americans I meet say no. But in the same voice, they don't know of
an alternative. What an opportunity for you!

As a progressive national newspaper, shouldn't The Dallas Morning News
in the spirit of its great tradition seek out the truth? Or are you too
afraid of the truth and seek simple remedies by swallowing government
doctrine fed to you? That doesn't sound like The Dallas Morning News I
have come to respect.