Pubdate: Sun, 12 Jan 1997
Source: Sunday Oregonian (OR)
Author: Arthur Livermore

I am one of the people who would like the medical benefits of legally
prescribed marijuana.  I am outraged that you are making me your enemy
because I have an illness that is effectively treated with marijuana.

You say that Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala's "line of
argument implies a responsibility to devote greater attention to the medical
use of marijuana and to the essentially human impulses behind the two
initiatives' passage - the relief of suffering" (Jan. 3 editorial).  So why
are you telling my doctor that he is a criminal if he recommends that I use

You say that "a successful war on drugs chiefly benefits children."  And I
have to suffer?  Why?  Is it really a war against marijuana?  No.  It is a
misguided war against the misuse of marijuana.  I don't want any children
using marijuana.

I am a 49-year-old computer programmer.  I run my own consulting business.
I have three grand-children.  I don't want them to be able to get marijuana
from their classmates at school.  But they can.  I would like to buy
marijuana at the pharmacy.  But I can't.  Is this right?

Arthur Livermore
Arch Cape