Pubdate: [Sun, 15 Dec 1996]
Source: Oakland Tribune (CA)
Author: Gerald M. Sutliff

The Tribune Editorial (Dec. 11), while thoughtful and balanced, was
entirely too kind to Dan Lungren. The list of those invited to the
conference was most notable for the categories of professionals not
invited, most importantly the medical profession.

As a law enforcement office, it is hardly surprising that Lungren's nose
is still a bit out of joint over the passage of Proposition 215.

However, it is time for him to grow up (if he needs therapy, he should
seek it out) and start doing his job by sending a clear message to the
federal government to stay out of California's medical marijuana program.

You state correctly that Lungrens opposes drug abuse. Who
doesn't? As a result of the passage of Proposition 215, use of
marijuana is not longer by
definition "drug abuse."

He needs to accept that and get busy consulting with doctors and other
treatment professionals, including marijuana treatment advocates, to work
out the details.

Gerald M. Sutliff
Walnut Creek, CA