Pubdate: Sun, 08 Sep 2019
Source: New York Times (NY)
Copyright: 2019 The New York Times Company
Author: Michael G. Brautigam
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Believing that I could never agree with Nicholas Kristof about
anything, I found myself gobsmacked that I agreed, writ large, with
his profile of Seattle attempting to end the war on drugs.

I don't agree with his emphasis on race and privilege, but it's about
time to completely end the war on drugs - and I say this as a former
narcotics prosecutor in Brooklyn during the golden age of crack. Only
total legalization will work. But saying drugs should be legal is not
saying that drugs are good.

We, as a nation, need to approach this as adults, and stop doing
something that hasn't ever worked well but has been doubled down on
every decade.

Michael G. Brautigam

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