Pubdate: Wed, 14 Mar 2018
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Sam Pazzano
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Suspended Hamilton cop Craig Ruthowsky revealed that he aided a drug
dealer to cultivate his trust so he could snare a larger trafficker,
his former best friend testified Tuesday.

Sgt. James Paterson, who once considered himself Ruthowsky's "best
friend," confronted Ruthowsky after he was suspended in 2012 while
both were working for Hamilton's guns and gangs unit.

"Craig Ruthowsky advised me that the dealer was dangling a bigger fish
in front of him that he wanted to get, this major importer Officer
Ruthowsky had said 'I was trying to make myself look like a dirty cop
so that will trust me more, and he'd give up the bigger fish,'" said

Ruthowsky, 44, who held the rank of detective constable, has pleaded
not guilty to charges of bribery, attempting to obstruct justice,
trafficking cocaine, criminal breach of trust, and conspiring to
traffic marijuana. The prosecution alleges that Ruthowsky was working
with the criminals in exchange for a monthly payment of $20,000.

Paterson recalled visiting Ruthowsky's home in Ancaster to inquire
about the allegations, which led to his suspension. The most puzzling
allegation, Paterson testified, was that Ruthowsky attended a private
chemical company to get a cutting agent analyzed for a "high level
drug dealer" and informant.

The dealer - now the Crown's key witness - allegedly paid Ruthowsky
$20,000 a month for protection.
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