Pubdate: Tue, 13 Mar 2018
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
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Author: Surjit Singh Flora
Page: 11


The drugs have started eating away at our Punjabi youth.

This disease has spread throughout North America. The desire to earn
quick money without any hard work has pushed many Punjabi youth into
drug trafficking.

Last year a Punjabi husband and wife were caught by the RCMP with
cocaine worth $8.4 million. It was a large consignment of drugs being
taken from the United States to Calgary. The couple, identified as
Gurminder Singh Toor, 31, and Kirandeep Kaur Toor, 26, were arrested
in connection with the cocaine.

The drug business has been a problem for around 10 years in Punjab and
has severely affected its youth. Thousands of youth have lost their
lives following drug abuse. Thousands more have become physically
impaired due to drug addiction.

Last year in Vancouver, a number of Punjabi youth died thanks to this
phenomenon. The British Columbia coroner recently announced that in
2017 there were 1,422 deaths from illicit drug overdose deaths. That's
up from 993 in 2016.

Although among the gangs of drug smugglers there are dozens of Punjabi
Sikhs. It seems now that in Canada and U.S., Punjabi truck drivers
have started to smuggling drugs. This is a very dangerous trend.

Punjabis are recognized for their hard work around the world and the
Punjabi community is well-known in Canada. There are now 18 Sikh
politicians federally, as well as several federal cabinet ministers.
There are also many legislators and ministers in each provincial
government. Punjabis have also made a big name for themselves in the
fields of employment, education, IT, medical, etc.

But now we see part of our new generation heading towards drug piracy
- - it is a very unfortunate and dangerous trend. Some of these drugs
originate in Afghanistan where there is a large amount of opium
cultivation. The drug from Afghanistan then goes to Pakistan and then
to the border. Some parts of the drug from Punjab go straight to
foreign countries and some parts are sent to Canada, U.S. and other
countries through Mumbai and Nepal. A large racket works at the
international level of drug trafficking.

The Punjabi community's new generation is being lured by the promise
of making money fast. Our societies need to start campaigning against
this deadly tendency.

In Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto there are also indications there are
Punjabis in the truck business who have turned to drug smuggling.

Our families have worked hard and have started living well, all by
respectable work. We have gained lots of respect in Canadian society.
After just about a hundred years of hard work from our elders, we have
been able to achieve strong positions in countries such as Canada. But
if someone wants to spoil the image, it's a game of minutes.

It is the advice of our gurus that without hunger and patience, hunger
does not end. Money, profit, and popularity lead us astray.

In countries like Canada, we enjoy a variety of conveniences. Human
rights and laws give us protection. We are mostly safe from all forms
of discrimination. But if we get involved in illegal trades it not
only destroys the lives of individuals, but it also causes
embarrassment for the entire Sikh community.

Therefore, it is the duty of our families that in the care of our
youth, they should not be allowed to get involved in extravagant,
cheap, and desperate pursuits. The couple caught last year, who have
lived a beautiful life up until now, may find themselves in jail for
their misdeeds.
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