Pubdate: Sat, 03 Mar 2018
Source: Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON)
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Author: Alison Langley
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Two women arrested in April after police raided their medical
marijuana dispensary in St. Catharines have been granted a conditional

"I only wish I was able to help more people on the legal route,"
Abbigail Millar, 32, told Judge Tory Colvin in an Ontario Court of
Justice in St. Catharines, Friday.

Millar, together with Angela Millar, 38, were arrested after Niagara
police raided Kronic Inc., a dispensary on Wright Street.

Police seized just under 3,000 grams of marijuana as well as
pre-rolled marijuanacigarettes, marijuana oil capsules and a variety
of marijuana edibles. The also seized more than $4,000 in cash.

A number of customers attempted to enter the dispensary as police were
conducting the raid, court was told.

The two women pleaded guilty Friday to possession of marijuana for the
purpose of trafficking.

A conditional discharge means a conviction will not be registered
against the women, who did not have criminal records, as long as they
abide with probation conditions over the next 12 months.

"I am sorry for my actions," Angela Millar said. "I regret what I've

Lawyer Jeff Root said the dispensary was not a clandestine operation
and didn't operate "in secret."

"They believed this particular operation could not only generate
income but also help people who really need this particular product,"
he told the judge.

Lawyer Mark Evans agreed.

"They were attempting to provide quality product to people in a safe
environment," he said.

He said the dispensary was located in an industrial location and the
women had a security guard posted at the door.

"They did a number of things to lessen the impact on the

The dispensary is no longer in operation.
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