Pubdate: Thu, 01 Mar 2018
Source: Guardian, The (CN PI)
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Author: Ralph MacDonald
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Recently I watched on TV the story of a recovering drug addict. The
turmoil this person had endured was a terrible saga of what an addict
goes through and the difficult road to a life of depending on drugs to
get through your days. Watching this story brought to mind the
marijuana issue that we are about to embark upon in Canada.

I am surprised there are not more organizations speaking out against
this drug and all the adverse effects this will have on our peoples. I
know, you're saying, "why speak out, they (the government) will do it
anyway," but when we don't demonstrate we're really giving it a
blessing. I believe bootlegging the drug is better than legalizing it
because when we legalize it we're giving a green light.

If you think we're keeping our law enforcement busy with this
substance as of now just think how busy they'll be once everybody has
easy access to obtaining it. It will be legal to buy it but not legal
to use it in public. Prohibition was not governed properly, will this
drug be governed at all?

Ralph MacDonald, Borden-Carleton
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