Pubdate: Wed, 28 Feb 2018
Source: Lethbridge Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2018 The Lethbridge Herald
Author: Frank J. Toth
Page: A6


Trying not to be too cynical about all the reporting, discussions,
debates and business preparations on Trudeau's "wrath of pot"
legalization predications, with the lame duck excuse that the crooks
are making too much money on its sales, I'm sorry! The recent news of
the inherent benefit of marijuana has been blown right out of the
water by a recent group of very prominent world scientists.

They have reported that there is absolutely no shred of evidence
whatsoever of its benefit for health and pain relief, because of the
availability of hundreds of pharmaceuticals that do not have negative
health aftereffects like brain damage, in addition to dangerous
driving which puts the very heavy load on our police forces that still
do not have equipment to test for drug impairment.

The detrimental effects far outweigh the benefits of pot, so the big
question, as always, is why legalize pot, this controversial weed?
Some experts claim that marijuana is just a start for stronger and
more harmful drugs and to opioids that are killing thousands of our
citizens, over 4,000 of them last year, Mr. Trudeau, and we are all
paying for the results, injection stations and billions in medical
costs attached to drug rehabilitation.

You're also reneging on changes to the "first past the post" electoral
system, which was your election promise that got you elected, Mr.
Prime Minister, and legalizing pot is strike two. Sir, the electorate
have a very good memory, and it does not matter where you holiday or
flit around the world with your family at our expense. There is
another election coming soon!

Frank J. Toth

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