Pubdate: Fri, 23 Feb 2018
Source: North Bay Nugget (CN ON)
Copyright: 2018 North Bay Nugget
Author: Jennifer Hamilton-McCharles
Page: A1


Fifty North Bay and area landlords have revived the Near North
Landlords Association in response to the province's new standard lease
form, which takes effect in April, and the legalization of marijuana
later this year

Landlords are concerned that, as of April 1, they won't be able to
refuse a tenant who has a dog, explains group member John Wilson of
North Bay.

"If there is a fourth-floor apartment available for rent and the
person who wants the place has a German shepherd and the building
isn't pet-friendly we can no longer refuse him," he says.

Marijuana legalization is a much larger concern for

"There are no regulations for landlords. Tenants can't smoke in their
apartments, but is that (marijuana) considered smoking?" Wilson asks.

"The smell of cannabis bothers other tenants and it costs thousands of
dollars to remove the odour from the apartment when they leave,
because you have to replace the carpet and paint the walls."

Marijuana growing also raises concerns, Wilson says.

"If it's a three-bedroom apartment, does that mean those residents
could have nine plants? Also the amount of hydro tenants will be using
will dramatically increase. The units will also have high humidity
which creates mould in the building.

"This could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in

"Our leases have a cannabis prohibition clause in them, but the
province is pushing through a new lease agreement, 14 pages, that
landlords will soon be forced to use."
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