Pubdate: Wed, 21 Feb 2018
Source: Daily Press, The (CN ON)
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Author: Charles E. Boudreau
Page: A4


This is a follow-up of my two letters in The Daily Press dated March
29, 2017 titled "PM's head going to pot" and Dec. 20, 2017 titled
"Medical marijuana has no medicinal value."

I managed to get an updated publication dated April 13, 2017 titled
"Health Effects of cannabis" from Health Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and readers can find this Health Canada
publication with an online search.

The publication clearly summarizes the short-term health effects,
long-term health effects, risks of illegal cannabis, mental health
effects, health effects on youth, health effects on pregnancy and
children, and addiction.

Yes, Health Canada states that continued, frequent and heavy cannabis
use can cause physical dependency and addiction.

But the big guns here are the negative effects on mental health and
the mixing of cannabis with opioids presently being used and causing
deaths across Canada.

Now Mr. Trudeau, this brochure was published by the Government of
Canada, your Liberal government that sponsors the use of cannabis. It
is like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

It is an internal controversy right at your door step.

You have lost control in the dilemma of the Trans Mountain pipeline
project between B.C. and Alberta, and now you are losing control over
your cannabis project.

And who are your marijuana supporters? Just about everyone that
chooses to fill their coffers at the expense of the good health of the
Canadian people.

Forty nine First Nations have invested in 48 North Cannabis,
representing 20% of the company's current shareholder base.

Thousands of businesses are popping up across Canada for legalized
marijuana, including major mining companies that choose to invest in
that sinister portfolio.

Hell, even universities and colleges are offering training for the
cannabis industry.

Police in the Mushkegowuk region can't control the illegal drug cartel
up North because of the lack of federal funds.

The whole scenario is a bombshell, Mr. Trudeau.

You talk big on mental health issues while supporting the very villain
that triggers the opioid crisis and the suicide rates in the Far North.

Landlords and motel owners are scratching their heads while calling
for a possible ban of the poison in their rentals.

Industry and businesses are lost on the approach and possible tragic
scenarios that this game-changer can entail.

One thing for sure, Mr. Trudeau, you are losing control on many fronts
and need to be replaced.

I have my work cut out to win this one Justin. I am still waiting to
hold a meeting with you. Perhaps, I can get you to change your mind on
the legalization of cannabis across Canada.

Charles E. Boudreau,

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