Pubdate: Wed, 21 Feb 2018
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
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Author: Jenna Moon
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York Regional Police tweeted on Tuesday that marijuana doesn't
increase the growth of breasts in men, after one of its officers told
high school students at a panel last week that "doobies make boobies."

"We're no health experts, but we're pretty sure getting high does not
cause enhanced mammary growth in men," York police tweeted. "We are
aware of the misinformation about cannabis that was unfortunately
provided to the community by our officers. We're working to address

At a meeting last week at its Aurora headquarters, the York Catholic
school board gathered students to give them a chance to ask the
experts about the drug with recreational marijuanause becoming legal
this summer. Representatives from York Regional Police, public health
and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health were there to discuss
the effects of pot use. Some critics were quick to point out what they
said was misinformation after a transcript appeared in the Aurora Banner.

According to the Mayo Clinic, marijuana is one of many substances that
can cause gynecomastia, which is the swelling of breast tissue in males.

The clinic's website also states that alcohol and street drugs can
result in the swelling of breasts among men and boys.

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