Pubdate: Sat, 10 Feb 2018
Source: Cape Breton Post (CN NS)
Copyright: 2018 Cape Breton Post
Author: Albert 'Lefty' Fraser
Page: A8


Marijuana legalization for someone my age is somewhat difficult to

As a teenager growing up in the early 1970s in Cape Breton, I strayed
off the approved path (like thousands of my peers across our beautiful
island and millions more across our country) and smoked marijuana.

At the time it was a serious criminal offence and government officials
made it a priority to do everything possible to eliminate its usage as
they believed the drug was poisoning the minds of our youth across the
entire country.

Unlimited resources were made available in this quest. Police
departments started drug divisions for the first time. With that came
K-9 units, surveillance teams, wire taps, drug raids and undercover
drug officers.

For possession of a pinch of marijuana, some were given 30 days.
Selling marijuana resulted in a federal sentence and this continued
for years.

Now the thought that marijuana usage will soon be legal is quite
fascinating. Our prime minister has announced it is in the best
interest of the government to take away the billions in illegal
finances generated by the sale of marijuana and its by-products at
great financial costs.

Only time will tell what revenue the legalization of marijuana will
generate. I certainly the government will study all options and select
wisely when it comes to choosing partners in this new industry.

For me, the legalization of marijuana is still somewhat surreal. Not
in my wildest imagination did I imagine that one day you would be able
to cultivate, purchase, smoke, eat or drink marijuana legally.

Albert 'Lefty' Fraser

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