Pubdate: Wed, 07 Feb 2018
Source: Sudbury Star (CN ON)
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Author: Larry Comeau
Page: A10


Re: "Action urged on illicit cigarettes," Feb. 5.

Governments at all levels have spent tens of billions trying to
dissuade young people from smoking cigarettes and treating people's
serious illnesses, especially cancers, from this addictive habit.
These ads are actually starting to decrease the number of new smokers.
Over this time, organized crime has been heavily involved,
distributing illicit smokes, with zero checks on quality or the nature
of ingredients.

Enter Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wrong-headed move to
legalize marijuana, just as addictive, and with the same or greater
impact on health, because he feels "this is the best way to keep it
away from those at serious risk, young Canadians by curbing black
market sales."

There is little known about the long-term effects on health of the
80-plus cannabinoids contained in pot. Numerous studies from the U.K.,
USA and Canada all conclusively show young people using pot can doing
serious damage to their developing brains.

Black market sales have flourished in the states of Washington and
Colorado since legalization, as will be the case here. Organized crime
simply needs to switch to pot and with Trudeau allowing anyone older
than 19 to grow their own pot supply, these groups will certainly
exploit this to increase profits.

Trudeau is being foolhardy by adding another health damaging
substance, when we know the health damage tobacco products are
causing. Our ailing healthcare system will take a huge hit when pot is
made legal this summer.

Larry Comeau

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