Pubdate: Sat, 27 Jan 2018
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
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Page: A19


Until the federal government passes a law that legalizes the
recreational use of marijuana, widely expected to happen sometime this
summer, selling cannabis is illegal. Not only was the Robson Street
open-air pot market dealing in an illegal product, it was operating in
a public space without permission. If that wasn't enough, the vendors
were conducting business without licences, paid no business taxes, and
failed to collect GST or provincial sales tax, as every business
selling a product or service is required to do.

One may well argue that the City of Vancouver handed out permits to
cannabis dispensaries prematurely, but at least these places of
business are in compliance with city bylaws, pay rent for their
premises and, one would hope, are paying their taxes.

Not so for the pop-up dope dealers on Robson. Their mantra of "free
the weed" is nonsensical. Even after legalization, cannabis will
remain a controlled substance, its sale subject to certain conditions.
Police should ensure that the Robson pot market is no more.
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