Pubdate: Sat, 20 Jan 2018
Source: Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN)
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Author: Paula Thiesen
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Young adults responded to a voluntary survey about what they think
about the legalization of marijuana. Here's what they had to say:

These are some thoughts from some Prince Albert young people who were
asked a few questions about what they think about the soon to be
legalization of marijuana. I was interested and thought others might
be too. The students were given a 10-question written questionnaire.
They were aged 16 to 21.

When asked what its legalization meant to them personally, the
consensus was that it was a good idea and mainly because of what they
considered to be the medicinal values of the plant. They spoke of its
ability to help people with cancer, seizures, and anxiety. They felt
it could treat people with pain and stress. They felt it could calm
people down. They saw it as a natural product as it comes from a
plant. They saw its legalization as "freedom".

When asked about the legalities of decriminalizing marijuana they had
this to say in regards to their community. People won't have to hide
from the cops, it will be easier to find, and maybe people wouldn't
have to do other more dangerous drugs. They mostly agreed that the
crime rate would go down and people wouldn't get in legal trouble for
having it. On the lighter side perhaps everyone would be hungrier and
eat more!

Their biggest concern was driving high and being impaired. They were
concerned that people would lose more brain cells. They also suggested
that it would be possible for people to be able to buy it and then
sell it to others under age who weren't legally able to buy it.

Did they think that more people would start using marijuana? They
mostly agreed that yes some will because it will be more sociably
acceptable. They were not sure that it would replace alcohol for
recreation. Interestingly when asked if they felt marijuana was
addictive, they mostly agreed that in their own personal experience it

For the most part the young people that I had answer a few questions
about the topic were not too sure how the new laws would affect Prince
Albert. They wondered if we would be smelling pot smoke everywhere.
The biggest expectation was that crime rate would go down and the city
will be a lot quieter. Interesting.
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