Pubdate: Fri, 19 Jan 2018
Source: Nelson Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2018 Black Press
Author: Tom Prior


Re: Nelson City Council proposed moratorium for recreational cannabis sales.

This is the West Kootenays. We have some of the best pot growers and
breeders in the world. For Nelson city to limit who can sell pot in
Nelson will not stand up in court when recreational weed is legal.

This is Canada, thank goodness and I trust if pot is legal, we should
be all able too play ball. Canadians are serious about fair laws
concerning the free market or capitalist democracy. Everyone should
get to play, not just the chosen few.

The current mayhem about sick weed prescription is a pitiful way for
laws to be abused. Most people that smoke weed like to smoke. They
should not be forced to consider themselves sick to be above the law.
It is ridiculous. We cannot continue to push logic out of the equation
of sensible law creation. Nelson city council has, like Vancouver,
condoned some medical pot shops.

Council has played a political part in the impending end of
recreational weed access. Now the city is proposing to limit
competition when recreational weed use is legal?

I doubt it. To what end should they limit the free market to six
people in Nelson. Give your head a shake. Our democracy depends on
open markets that create better competition, which means better prices
for consumers.

Tom Prior,

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