Pubdate: Tue, 16 Jan 2018
Source: Boston Globe (MA)
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Author: Steve Annear


Police in Hingham are investigating after a student at the South Shore
Educational Collaborative School allegedly supplied classmates with
cookies that were laced with marijuana, officials said Monday.

According to a public notice posted to the department's website,
police were called to the school Thursday, after the student, who
wasn't named in the report, had distributed the cookies to at least
five other people.

Police said the students who ate the cookies, who were between the
ages of 16 and 17, were "evaluated by a school nurse who believed the
students were under the influence of marijuana."

The parents of each of the students who consumed the cookies were
contacted by officials, the report said. None of them required medical
attention, according to police, although one of the teenagers
apparently had to be transported to a hospital for an unrelated reason.

There have been no charges filed, and the incident is still under
investigation. Police did not immediately return a request for comment.

The South Shore Educational Collaborative is described as a
"multipurpose educational collaborative" for students with "autism,
emotional, specific learning, medical, or physical disabilities,"
according to the school's website.

Henry W. Perrin, the school's executive director, told the Globe in a
telephone interview Tuesday that administrators have identified the
student - a 16-year-old male - who reportedly gave the snacks to classmates.

"A student did bring in some cookies he put some marijuana in," Perrin
said, adding that the student was not trying to sell them. "On Friday,
we didn't know which student it was. But a little more investigating
went on today."

Perrin said the school learned about the incident after a student who
allegedly ate one of the cookies notified a member of the school's

When asked if the students, who have a range of "social or emotional
challenges," knew what was in the cookies, Perrin replied, "I don't
know the answer, but my intuition is that they probably knew."

"We are really just getting to the nitty gritty of it all right now,"
he said. "We will work on trying to get additional details."
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