Pubdate: Thu, 11 Jan 2018
Source: Prince George Citizen (CN BC)
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Author: Kathi Travers
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Marijuana, cannabis, pot, whatever you want to call it, it will become
legal in Canada sometime this year following the U.S. where pot is
legal in several states.

I do not smoke pot or anything else. Two glasses of wine and I am
asleep. I do get high though watching the Patriots and the Red Sox
win. I am also asthmatic and any kind of smoke bothers me. There is a
lot of kerfuffle going on and this is my take on this hot topic.

Pot has been around for a long time. Way back in the 70s pot was
pretty common. Smoking a few "joints" and pigging out on Hershey bars
and munchies was common. No one got into a car and killed anyone. For
the most part, people were too relaxed to go anywhere.

Some years ago, I had a dear friend here in P.G. that was suffering
through chemotherapy for cancer. The drugs were awful, but she fought
all the way to her death to stay alive. To get through the sickness of
chemo she used marijuana. That is when I was introduced to the healing
properties. I saw how it helped my friend and others. The secret was
out. Pot actually has major medicinal purposes.

Another friend was put in a tough situation. She was involved in a
major car accident. The pain was excruciating. She did not go on
opioids to kill the pain but sought medical marijuana for relief. At
that time, she had to go underground as there was not a dispensary
here in P.G. Things have changed for the better. There are creams and
lotions also available that make life better for some. Doctors can
write prescriptions and the drug can be obtained through either P.G.
dispensaries or many of the venues in B.C. Help is here.

Canada has looked at the situation twofold. There is a medical need.
There is also a recreational interest.

I am not opposed to the person that finds pot and a Hershey bar or two
as a way to relax. I do feel that if you choose to do it get it from a
legal entity where you know exactly what is in it. I know someone who
doesn't drink or take pills but at the end of the day relaxes on
occasion with a joint. This person you would never pick out as the
stereotypic pot smoker. This person works successfully and directly in
the medical profession in an operating room everyday.

With all the interest I certainly hope that someone comes out with a
way to kill that awful skunk smell that pot has. When you walk in to
the front door of our hospital and you see all the smokers on the left
you certainly can smell the pot.

I watched a chef on TV last week make soup and meals with marijuana
which grossed me out. Not the least bit appetizing. As far as kids go,
there is a minimum drinking age. I believe that this is very important
for pot smokers as well. Personally, I think the alcohol age is too
low. I do not think that we should encourage it anymore than we should
encourage the use of alcohol. There must be a big educational
component for all.

In Colorado in 2016, taxes from the legal sale of pot built new
schools and funded programs in health, education and drug
rehabilitation. My question to Justin Trudeau and the Canadian
government is what will you do with the tax money made?

I am wondering if once recreational pot is legal will it still be as

We still have a long way to go but my thoughts are, live and let live,
but do it in a safe and legal environment.
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