Pubdate: Fri, 05 Jan 2018
Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
Copyright: 2018 The Globe and Mail Company
Author: Gary Vickers
Page: A10


Re Majority Of Canadians Are Against Legalizing Pot By July 1, Poll
Finds (Jan. 3): Yet again, we're told that Canadians do not want to
rush our municipalities, provinces and country into legalized marijuana.

In the more than two years since the election of a government
supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana, reactionary
talking heads have taken every opportunity to stall and delay the
implementation process.

We have had more than ample time to discuss the important issues and
prepare as well as can be expected for the legal sale and distribution
of cannabis in Canada. California, a state with a population greater
than Canada, voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November of
2016 and the product is already available for purchase in their state.

It would now seem that the last hurdle is a requirement to mollycoddle
every social conservative and his/her dog before proceeding. This
group has had years to change the minds of Canadians and has failed.

It is past time to get on with it.

Gary Vickers

Nepean, Ont.
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