Pubdate: Wed, 03 Jan 2018
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2018 Los Angeles Times
Author: Bert Bigelow
Note: Headline by newshawk


To the editor: The three letters you published in "California moves into 
its marijuana future on Jan. 1. Some readers are not eager to make the 
leap" stated the following concerns about marijuana use, most of which 
apply equally to alcohol.

Law enforcement does not have adequate test criteria for driving under 
the influence. While there is no blood-alcohol test for pot, police have 
many other field sobriety tests, including "walking the line," reciting 
the alphabet backward and the "eye and penlight test." A driver may pass 
the 0.08% blood alcohol content test and still be arrested for DUI if he 
or she drives erratically or exhibits slurred speech or other cognitive 

Pot use poses dangers to other motorists. This applies to alcohol.

Pot use by pregnant women poses dangers to their fetuses. This also 
applies to alcohol.

Since the benefits and dangers of alcohol and pot use are similar, laws 
affecting their production, sale and use should be similar.

Bert Bigelow, Orange
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