Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jan 2018
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
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Author: Gord Turner
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Re: Op-ed by marijuana industry investor Dan Kriznic.

It appears Kriznic has been sampling his product. That's the only way
I can account for his over-the-top description of what's going on in
the money grubbing battle for pot dollars.

I get it that this move is in the cards since people refuse to just
quit. But to describe the Canadian marijuana model as showing the
world "something noble and dignified, a structure that will draw
people from around the world seeking education and enlightenment"
makes marijuana's legalization sound like the discovery of penicillin.

This despite the fact various players aren't in agreement on timing
and other critical details, and that Pot's much touted medical
efficacy is mostly unproven. What is certain is that the main
"recreational" use for this plant is to alter minds, and that most
studies indicate it may have long-term negative effects, including
diminished IQ of adolescents.

I see mainly the elbowing and jockeying of greedy governments,
companies and opportunists cashing in on what is really a societal

Gord Turner, Richmond
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