Pubdate: Thu, 04 Jan 2018
Source: Daily Courier, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2018 The Okanagan Valley Group of Newspapers
Author: Mel Gauthier
Page: A7


Dear editor:

Re: "Looking ahead to 2018," editorial by James Miller (Daily Courier, 
Jan. 2).

Miller's statement that "most Canadians support legalizing pot," where
does he get his information on this presumption?

I believe it's completely opposite to Miller's so-called facts. Most
Canadians do not support Prime Minister Trudeau's pot plan for Canada.
We will become potheads all because of just a few potheads from the
big cities like Vancouver and back east.

I would guess that 80 per cent of Canadians are against it, or maybe
as high as 90 per cent. So 10 or 20 per cent doesn't sound to me as
"most Canadians."

Marijuana scares the hell out of me because heavy use kills the brain
and people become almost useless.

I experienced this with workers that worked for me. I had to let them
go because their brains could not be trusted or capable of doing their

Think further ahead to driving on our highways, raising a family,
running a business, community positions, political activity, even
social accountability and so on.

I want someone whose mind is all there - if that's possible these

Who's supporting pot? The media, businesspeople and, of course, our
king of Canada, Justin Trudeau and his pothead buddies. I remain in
opposition to pot.

Mel Gauthier


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EDITOR'S NOTE: The most recent scientific poll taken by Dalhouise
University finds 68 per cent of Canadians favour legalizing marijuana,
a number consistent with other polls taken over the past several years.
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