Pubdate: Wed, 03 Jan 2018
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
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Author: Scott Billeck
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A new poll suggests many Manitobans are ready for marijuana retailers
to set up shop in their communities.

Probe Research Inc. polled 1,000 adults in the province between Nov.
23 and Dec. 14 and 58% of Manitobans said they'd be comfortable with a
marijuana store opening up in their neighbourhood, as opposed to the
40% who opposed it and the 3% who were unsure.

"That 58% is healthy, we seem to be OK with this," said Mary Agnes
Welch, senior researcher at Probe. "But there is a flip side to this,
there are differences in Winnipegger's than rural residents.
Winnipegger's are somewhat more comfortable with it than rural
residents, non-Winnipeggers. And as you'd expect, older people are a
bit less comfortable than younger people, but even a slim majority of
older folks are cool with it. It seems to be reasonably universal
comfort with this."

Non-Winnipeg residents made up 45% of those who either strongly or
moderately disagreed with having a pot shop open up in their
neighbourhood. By age, 45% of those opposed with 55-plus, with just
32% of those aged 18-34 disagreeing.

In the political sphere, 57% of those polled who identified as a
Progressive Conservative supporter were opposed. Provincial NDP
supporters tended to have the high comfort level, with just 26%
opposed. Liberal supporters were 30% opposed.

Cannabis shops could open up for business as soon as July 2. The
province is currently reviewing more than 100 proposals from those
seeking to open up a marijuana retail location in the province.
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