Pubdate: Fri, 08 Dec 2017
Source: Penticton Western (CN BC)
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Legal doesn't mean light up whenever you want

Ever since, and probably long before, the federal Liberals started the
process to legalize marijuana, some people have been equating
legalization with deregulation.

That was never in the cards. Saying 'But it's legal now, mannnnnnn,'
after blowing smoke in a cop's face isn't going to carry much weight
as he confiscates your joint or outfits you with a pair of pretty
silver bracelets.

The announcement this week that B.C.'s Liquor Distribution branch will
have responsibility for distribution of non-medical marijuana
shouldn't have come as a surprise, though it seems it did for many.

Regardless of whatever unproven medical benefits cannabis might have
it is still, like alcohol, a mind-altering drug. So using an
established framework and distribution system for controlled
substances only makes sense.

When it comes to medical cannabis use, again, don't be surprised when
the government directs that to another established distribution
network: pharmacies.

You were never going to be able to light up at work, in someone else's
home without permission or while walking down the street, anymore than
it would be acceptable to crack open a beer in those situations.

Here's another myth to be shot down. Legal pot isn't going to be
cheap. The province isn't likely to tax pot as heavily as cigarettes -
unless they really want to keep the street dealers employed - but
taxes there will be and the now legal growers, most likely big
corporations, are going to want their share too.

People have used "medicinal" for as an excuse for so long that many
people believe it, but once it's legal, suppliers will no longer be
able to make unfounded claims - they'll have to prove it to Health

Legalizing cannabis is a good thing, but it also means major
limitations on the current freewheeling production, supply and
distribution of the drug.
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