Pubdate: Fri, 08 Dec 2017
Source: Penticton Western (CN BC)
Copyright: 2017 Penticton Western
Author: Tom Isherwood


Coming soon marijuana, a magical weed that feeds and gives the brain a

Say goodbye, to yesterday's fix in the coffee shop, a journey awaits
that can put you over the top.

Grow your own weed a thing called pot. Roll a joint, you'll like it a

Let's light up the world and create more smoke, then pray that Mother
Nature doesn't choke.

Booze and guns were given a shot but failed to get it done, where
smoke from pot may block light from a blazing sun.

Stay up high in a world of your own till the drug wears off when I can
tell, you may believe you took a train to hell.

Many decisions coming down from the top has me wondering are they
high? Did they jump the gun to have some fun?

Just a reminder to forget me not, they are rushing our world closer to
going to pot.

Tom Isherwood

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