Pubdate: Fri, 08 Dec 2017
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
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A funeral home in Aldergrove decided they needed to do something after
seeing so many heartbroken families lose loved ones to a drug
overdose. The funeral directors have put together an awareness and
prevention campaign that does aim to shock people about how deadly
drugs are.

In an unusual move, the BC Coroner's Office has come out against
Alternative Funeral and Cremation Service's awareness campaign, saying
scare tactics don't work, they only further stigmatize drug users.

While it's true the D.A.R.E. program and Just Say No hasn't been
successful in deterring youth from trying hard drugs, it likely did
impact a few kids here and there. And at this point in this fentanyl
epidemic - reaching anyone is better than doing nothing. It isn't
costing taxpayers anything.

While B.C. Coroner Lisa LaPointe was quick to criticize a program she
hasn't even seen yet, we didn't see where she offered an alternative
for preventing youth from going down this deadly road. And isn't an
ounce of prevention worth a pound of a cure? Even if it only reaches
an ounce of the teenage population?

No work by the health authorities or government has done anything to
help stop this horrible crisis. More people are dying of drug
overdoses today than ever before.

"The experiences and life situations of people who use drugs, as well
as the physiological changes they experience, means they might not be
ready or able to engage with the overdose prevention strategies," said

She said compassion and support are needed now. It's a new approach
both the Coroner and Fraser Health's Chief Medical Officer have
mentioned recently, moving away from treatment as a solution. There is
no answer to this epidemic and no end in sight.

But at least Alternative's is trying something.
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