Pubdate: Fri, 24 Nov 2017
Source: Guardian, The (CN PI)
Copyright: 2017 The Guardian, Charlottetown Guardian Group Incorporated
Author: Megan Griffin
Page: A8


I am writing in response to the upcoming legalization of marijuana
across Canada.

As a young adult who will experience the impact of this major
decision, I do not agree and I hope the government comes to the
realization that this will ruin lives.

Legalization of marijuana will result in easier access to the drug,
causing an increase in usage.

If you consider the underage drinking problem with alcohol, we will
have the same issues with underage marijuana usage.

This worries me specifically for minors, as studies have shown that
marijuana usage can affect brain development as well as causing death
in brain cells.

Another reason for disagreeing with the legalization of marijuana is
the increase of impaired drivers that will be on our roads.

Impaired driving from the usage of alcohol is a serious worldwide
problem, and as we introduce this new substance into the world, it
will cause a need for more law enforcement, training, equipment,
additional court time and possible prison time in an already
overcrowded system.

The legal system struggles to handle the current laws yet we are
bringing on a new substance with new laws.

Legalizing marijuana is no benefit in society today and will only
cause more harm than good.

Government should be putting its efforts into eliminating this
dangerous drug and restrain it solely for medical purposes.

Megan Griffin, UPEI Student, Charlottetown, PE
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