Pubdate: Fri, 17 Nov 2017
Source: Montreal Gazette (CN QU)
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Author: Andy Riga
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Quebec unveiled its pot plan Thursday. Here are some answers to key

Here are answers to key questions as Quebec moves toward legalization
of recreational marijuana by July 2018:

Q Who will be allowed to buy pot?

A Under the cannabis-legalization bill put forward Thursday, anyone
over 18 would be able to purchase, possess and use cannabis in Quebec.
The province's medical specialists wanted the minimum age set at 21.

Q Where will pot be sold?

A Quebec plans to create the Societe quebecoise du cannabis (SQC),
which would sell pot via stores and a website.

The SQC chain would start with 15 stores. The government intends to
set a minimal distance between a retail outlet and places frequented
"by minors and vulnerable clienteles." Canada Post would initially
deliver online purchases and ensure buyers are over 18; other delivery
companies could be brought in later.

Quebec's pot retailer would be an arm of the Societe des alcools du
Quebec, the province's monopoly liquor-store chain.

The agency would be allowed to sell dried cannabis, cannabis oil,
fresh cannabis, cannabis concentrates, cannabis accessories and
specialized cannabis publications. The bill says the SQC could also
sell "any other class of cannabis determined by government regulation,
including edible and non-edible cannabis products."

Q How much will pot cost? A Quebec has not set a price yet. Ontario is
considering a price of about $10 per gram. Q Where will I be able to
smoke pot?

A Anywhere you're allowed to smoke cigarettes. Closed smoking rooms
would be allowed in some cases, including health institutions, common
areas of residential buildings with two or more dwellings, seniors'
residences and palliative care hospices.

Q Where will pot smoking be banned?

A In restaurants, bars, workplaces and within a nine-metre radius of
building entrances.

Smoking pot would also be verboten on the premises of hospitals and
post-secondary institutions and daycares, as well as in common areas
of residential buildings comprising two or more dwellings.

It would also be forbidden in bus shelters, playgrounds and "on
terrasses and in other outdoor areas operated as part of a commercial
activity and set up for rest, relaxation or the consumption of products."

Q Can I grow it at home?

A Not in Quebec.

Fines would be imposed on those who contravene the ban on home-grown
pot. For example, someone caught cultivating four or fewer plants in
their home could be fined $250 to $750 for a first offence, with
amounts doubled for subsequent offences.

The federal government said provinces can decide on growyour-own
marijuana. But those that opt to allow personal cultivation can't
allow more than four cannabis plants per residence, none of which
could exceed one metre in height. Police argue the federal guidelines
are unenforceable.

Q Can I smoke pot and then drive a car?

A No.

The law would ban anybody from driving with cannabis or any other
illicit drug in their system. Drivers would have to submit saliva
samples and police could immediately suspend a scofflaw's driver's
licence for 90 days.

Q When will pot be legal?

A The federal government, which is spearheading legalization, has not
set a start date. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says cannabis

will be legal by July 1, 2018.

Q How much will the taxman get?

A Quebec says it could take in as much as $100 million per year in

Ottawa plans to add an excise tax of $1 per gram or 10 per cent of the
retail price, whichever is higher, with revenues split evenly between
Ottawa and the provinces. Federal and provincial sales taxes will also
be applied.

Pot taxes are expected to add $1 billion to tax coffers per year
across the country.
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