Pubdate: Mon, 06 Nov 2017
Source: Boston Globe (MA)
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Author: Samantha J. Gross


Help wanted: Pot inspector.

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources posted a listing 
on the state's career site Friday for an agricultural inspector who will 
specialize in a new crop in Massachusetts: cannabis.

"This Inspector position will enforce the laws and regulations
involving hemp and overlapping laws and regulations that impact the
cultivation of marijuana," the listing says.

Other duties of the job include providing "education and outreach to
stakeholders relative to the enforcement of pertinent laws and
regulations," and reporting and summarizing inspections, the listing

The job pays between $42,391 and $57,762 yearly.

The applicant's qualifications must include a bachelor's degree or
higher in fields like agriculture, biology, chemistry, or other
related fields; "experience or knowledge about Cannabis and how it is
regulated in other states;" "field experience in a biological
setting;" and technical experience in control of pests and use of 

The position falls under the Crop and Pest Services division of the
state agency.

The department has been tasked with establishing health and safety
standards regarding "cultivation processing, manufacturing and
distribution of marijuana." In addition, the department is expected to
develop regulations on the use of pesticides in growing cannabis.

The law also calls for the department to oversee production of hemp, a
non-psychoactive strain of cannabis whose fibers are used to make
rope, clothing, and nutrition products.

Valerio Romano is a lawyer who focuses on helping marijuana-focused
businesses. Romano, who has offices in both Massachusetts and
California, said he is glad the position falls under the Department of
Agricultural Resources, as opposed to the state's Cannabis Control

"This goes along with what other jurisdictions are doing," he said.
"It's really a positive thing. These inspection/field agent types are
critical parts of any one of these programs."
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