Pubdate: Wed, 08 Nov 2017
Source: Daily Press, The (CN ON)
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Author: Ron Grech
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MOONBEAM - The town has snuffed out a request to amend its business
licensing bylaw in order to accommodate a medical marijuana dispensary
within the municipality.

Robert Neron, a long-time user and advocate of medical marijuana, made
a presentation to town council Monday night, with the hopes of opening
a marijuana dispensary in Moonbeam by the spring of 2018.

Mayor Gilles Audet told The Daily Press there were several reasons
behind council's decision to deny the request.

The general feeling around the council table, Audet explained, was
that Neron should be directing his request to a higher authority of

Audet suggested if Neron wants to become a licensed producer of
medical marijuana, he should be putting in an application with Health
Canada, not the Town of Moonbeam.

The mayor said town councillors also felt the timing of Neron's
request was wrong, considering the Government of Ontario last week
announced the first 14 municipalities to receive stand-alone cannabis
stores by July 2018 - and there are more announcements to come.

Audet said council felt they would prefer to wait to hear what further
announcements are made by the government.

Mayor Audet said about 50 residents attended Monday night's council
meeting, most of them there as a show of opposition to the dispensary.

In an emailed response to The Daily Press, Neron expressed his
frustration with council's decision.

He said council failed to grasp the distinction between medical
marijuana produced for patients with chronic health conditions, and
recreational marijuana which will be sold at the LCBOs.

"A medical patient won't be caught alive in one of those LCBOs," Neron
wrote. "They (council) don't see the difference between recreational
and medical. They didn't understand. It's like, 'Why go hunting when
you can buy meat at Walmart?'

"The only way they will let me have a business, is if I become a L.P.
(licensed producer) - but that's not medical, those are

"Again, no one understands, it's all dope to their eyes."
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