Pubdate: Wed, 01 Nov 2017
Source: Penticton Herald (CN BC)
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The majority of Canadians are in favour of legalizing marijuana and
for many different reasons.

Little Kyla Williams in Summerland became a poster child across North
America for the wonderful benefits of medical cannabis.

Recreational users affirm that pot is less harmful than alcohol. (Most
cops agree that drunks are far harder to deal with than stoners.)

A suggestion that the Green party has been saying for years is take
distribution out of the hands of organized crime, tax it like they do
alcohol and cigarettes, and spend the money on education and treatment

Prohibition clearly hasn't worked.

There's also evidence to suggest the marijuana industry will create
thousands of legal, good-paying jobs for Canadians.

The Liberal government has been a savior to the movement for legalized

The plan is good but the action plan fails miserably.

Memo to the federal government: if you're going to do it, do it

Municipalities up and down the Okanagan Valley - and probably all
across Canada - don't really know how to handle this. Police forces,
border security, and doctors are all in the same boat.

Should anyone who applies for a license to sell marijuana be granted
one? Pot can be a dangerous product.

Pharmacies would be an appropriate place to purchase marijuana, but
chances are the major chains don't want to go there.

Strict guidelines on advertising and corporate sponsorship must be
established, similar to what's done with tobacco.

When it was announced that Canada would lead the way in safe and legal
cannabis, we never anticipated the large number of

Much needs to be determined if this will indeed become a reality by
July 2018.

In the meantime, the lack of clarity leaves the public dazed and

- -James Miller Valley Editor
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